Hello all! I hope you are finishing out a great week and getting ready to have a wonderful weekend. I wanted to start our weekend off with a few updates to the program as we move forward.

  1. We sent out in email an excel document that has the list of approved players on the Planet HS account. The players in Green are good to go. The other players listed have some things to finish or get approved (and they will by our staff). If you are not listed and have created an account, please contact me so we can work on it! If you have not started, this is mandatory for ALL SPORTS and will need to be done! I have attached the documents. Thank you all so much for the help on this. It may be a pain at first to log in, but this will save so much time and efforts (as well as potential for lost paperwork) in the long run.
    1. Philip Simmons Kick Off Letter
    2. Parent & Student Getting Started
  1. Before the start of COVID 19 and the ramifications it has brought for so many things in our country and world, we had all the plans to be able to field a pure middle school program, junior varsity and varsity. For a AA program that is huge. Our numbers and participation are still at ELITE levels for a school of our size, not to mention how young we are. However, the ability and resources has been pushed back at this time. So we will be fielding a varsity program and a JV program only this year, with plans to add Middle School next year. What does this mean? Nothing really has changed from when we started. JV teams are allowed to have 7th and 8th graders play. The majority of our players on our JV last year were in the 8th and 9th We welcome ALL OF OUR 7TH AND 8TH GRADERS TO OUR PROGRAM. The teaching, fundamental work, practice time, game time, and strength and speed development (just to name a few) that we can provide your middle school player (for free… donations are appreciated however) is top notch. Our gear and equipment is free and the great quality. In a nutshell, we want all of our players in middle school to stay on with us and play on our JV team. We develop all of the players we have and our middle school players, for the past two years and this year, will be heavily counted on to play a large role on our JV team, on and off the field. I know this is strange times, and I am here to speak with you more about it. If you want to talk about your son specifically as it relates to playing, please email me and we can set up a time to speak on the phone. Otherwise, I would love to have them continue to be with us and they will be valued and developed to the utmost by our staff.
  1. In regards to the weather and next week, we will do our best to monitor and adjust. We may have to cancel if the roads and travel won’t be safe. As of now, we are on for our workouts. Please see the schedule for next week. Due to us being able to practice more with footballs and with a larger group, we will move to FOUR DAYS A WEEK. We will work out Monday to Thursday from 8am to 10:30am. Please remember that seniors will have their portraits taken on Monday at 9am in the gym.


I will update you on the schedule if it changes by email and our social media. I will work to keep everyone updated on all that is going on. I am here to answer questions if you have anything you need!