Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · IRON HORSE FOOTBALL CLEARED TO RETURN JUNE 8TH FOR WORKOUTS!

Hello Iron Horse Football Family.

As some of you may have heard, we have gotten the go ahead to allow our players back on campus to train. We have a very safe and comprehensive plan to get our players back into shape while maintaining proper cleanliness and CDC suggested measures. THESE WORKOUTS ARE NOT MANDATORY. If you feel like you need to keep your athletes home during this time, they will not be penalized. Also, if at any time from here on out you would like to discuss measures of safety or any concerns, please email me or call me at 843-452-2951. For the first phase, we will JUST BE HAVING RISING 9TH TO 12TH GRADERS WORKING OUT. This is largely due to the logistics that we need to work through at the beginning and making sure we can create the best environment for our football program.

We will train for 3 days a week. We will train in a manner that will re-introduce our players to the work we do in our program. We will take our time and be safe. We will start workouts at 8 am and finish by 11am. Players need to start arriving by 7:30 am to get checked in on time. We will have a HARD CUT OFF time of 8:15am (after the first day Monday) where we do not allow anyone is that is late. Please come prepared to sign the form that is attached with a PARENT AND THE STUDENT or bring it with you. That is a non-negotiable. We have to have this signed or your student cannot work out.

Below are the procedures and the big items of interest. Please read over them! I hope to see all of our rising 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders and any other interested High School aged players on Monday at 7:30am.



  • All workouts are voluntary.
  • All Athletes who come must have a signed waiver by both their parent and themselves. These waivers will be turned into me. It is attached to be sent out, but we will also have some at the table when they enter. If it is not signed they will not be able to work out.
  • All athletes must have a physical from last year or a current one for this year. We are accepting last year’s physicals until 7/31.
  • Please come dressed to work out every day and also bring water bottle, face covering, tennis shoes, and football cleats every day. If you don’t have cleats, it is not a problem.
  • No visitors will be allowed in the building past the lobby at check in. This is a safety concern. Please reach out to Coach Bendig if you have issues but this is not up for debate. Players and coaches only.


  • All athletes will enter the MAIN GYM ENTRANCE EVERY DAY. There will be tape laid out for them to stay 6 feet away.
  • All athletes waiting to check in and go to their location must have face coverings on at all times covering their mouth and nose.
  • All athletes must come dressed for practice, no locker rooms will be used. No changing will be allowed.
  • All athletes must bring their own water. There will be no sharing of bottles of any kind. We will be able to fill up bottles. Bring the largest bottle of water you can.
  • As they enter the gym lobby, there will be tables set up. On the first day of practice, they will be assigned a number by their coach. This is their number for the entirety of the temperature taking procedures. They will first need to have their temperature taken by Coach Kunze. Temperatures must be 100.3 or lower. If it is higher we will put the student in a different location and they will have 10 minutes to cool off. We are taking in consideration a hot car or a misread of the thermometer. If it is still high a second time, Coach Kunze will administer another test with a different thermometer. If still high, they will need to be sent home and go to the doctor before they can return.
  • After they are cleared by Coach Kunze, they will go to their coach where they will tell them their number and the temperature to record.
  • They will then be escorted to their designated area by the coach, while maintaining social distancing.
  • The only restrooms open to be used will be the ones in the gym lobby. We have them marked off and they will be cleaned frequently.

Workouts: Coaches please communicate with me and each other about what facilities you will use and when.

  • All facilities will have a max of 10 people, so 9 athletes and 1 coach. We will use multiple locations around campus to fit out players.
  • Coaches must wear face coverings at all times. Once an athlete begins his or her workout, he may remove the mask, but must put it back on to walk to another location.
  • Once a group is done the area must be sprayed down on any and all surfaces touched, and let sit for at least 10 minutes before being wiped down.
  • If multiple groups are going in different spots and a rotation happens, that coach with that group must follow them to every location for the day.
  • Avoid any personal contact including high fives, fist bumps or the like.
  • No balls may be used until at least June 23.
  • No tryouts of any kind can occur right now.

Training room:

  • Will only be used in an absolute emergency. Coach Kunze will have ice outside if needed, but there will be no one entering the training room for any reason, coaches included.