Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · PLEASE HELP SUPPORT AN IRON HORSE IN NEED!

Article By Alicia Ward

Philip Simmons High School sophomore student-athlete, Bryant Collins, experienced a ruptured brain aneurysm last week. Thankfully Bryant was with his mom, Tianna Mack, when the symptoms had an abrupt onset. Bryant was rushed to MUSC Children’s Hospital for emergency surgery. He is now stable, but still in severe pain and an exploratory stage. It is expected that Bryant will remain at MUSC for several more weeks as a wonderful team works to discover the next steps in his recovery.

Several friends of children at Philip Simmons High, Middle and Elementary schools have come together to share this sad news and ask for your purposeful prayers, wishes of recovery and funds to help assist Bryant and his family during this road of recovery.  We don’t know what exactly is going to be needed but we do know that there are many many needs right now for this family (mom-Tianna and six children- 1 Hanahan graduate, 1 PSES student, 3 PSMS students, 2 PSHS students).

We recognize that many needs exist in our community right now so we are just hopeful that you give whatever you feel on your heart is the right amount to help this family out. We promise the funds will be managed and used in a very appropriate and purposeful manner as the needs present themselves.

We also have set a goal that for every dollar raised, a note of encouragement will be written (to Bryant, his mom and/or his siblings) and an equal amount of prayers will be offered.  We need Bryant lifted up and loved but we also need prayers for the nurses, doctors, therapist, counselors and caregivers who are treating him, for his family who hasn’t left his side, for his siblings who need to stay focused on their goals in life and faithful in God’s ability to heal during this time.

Let’s show what our amazing community can do together when one of our Ironhorses needs our support. Let’s show a family who has been handed one hurdle after another recently, that love, support, prayer and community can make difference in the life of a family and a young boy. Let’s help Bryant recover so he can be the artist, the athlete, the student, the friend, the son and the brother that God intended him to be.